Allergies killing you? Try the chiropractic solution.


Allergies killing you? Try the chiropractic solution.

I hear this phrase on a daily basis… “Man doc, my allergies are killing me!!”  I always respond with “chiropractic can help with your allergies.”  It’s true though if you live in Oklahoma, odds are you tend to suffer from seasonal allergies to some degree.  It often comes and goes, but when it’s there, it can be a struggle.  Here is the truth about allergies and how chiropractic can often be the solution.

Many people feel it’s simply “okay” to have allergies because they know so many that suffer as well.  It’s absolutely normal to have days, weeks, or months at a time with persistent coughs, sneezing, wheezing, and blowing but guess what… It’s not “normal”.  Millions are spent yearly on over-the-counter medication, weekly shots, and doctor visits to try to help with allergies often to no avail.  While the toll on those who suffer from allergies is immense, it brings great profits to the pharmaceutical companies in the form of drugs and other medical treatments.  The sad fact is, many people do not even question why their children or even themselves have allergies.  As odd as it sounds, it has become an accepted fact of life with no apparent solution.  Why is that?

What makes one person allergic and another not?  Why would one child be allergic to cats, dogs, fur, feathers, grass, pollen, and even food like peanut butter and eggs?  We all live on the same planet, exposed to the same things and our physiology is basically the same throughout our species but some suffer and others do not?  The difference is, one individual is able to adapt to their environment while another is not.  To put it simply, an allergy is the inability of your body to handle something it’s an immediate environment (animals, grass, pollen, dust, peanut butter, etc).  We most often see a hypersensitivity to the offending allergen but again, why are some hypersensitive and others not?  And more importantly, what can we do to solve the problem rather than continually treat it?

The answer to the above question is where chiropractic comes in… You see, in chiropractic, we don’t treat people for conditions.  Our goal is simply to restore balance to the body and allow it to function how it was designed and programmed to function.  The chiropractic adjustment is what helps you get back to “normal” and in this case, free from the allergic response.  Just like the heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, etc, the sinus cavities and mucous glands in the nose, mouth, and throat are controlled and coordinated through the nervous system which is the master control system that handles every body function.  By locating and correcting vertebral subluxations through chiropractic adjustment, we can restore balance and harmony to the nervous system and allow it to function like it was created to function.  We often see a reduction or elimination in the allergic response in patients that are receiving regular chiropractic adjustments.  We would love to sit down with you and yours to show you how we can be of assistance.  Chiropractic isn’t the only solution, but it is often the most effective and appropriate.  Give us a call at 918-940-4630 or visit our website at to schedule your FREE consultation.

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