Are We Poisoning Our Kids?

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Are We Poisoning Our Kids?

How many of you have felt uneasy about the amount of diet soda and sugary drinks your children are consuming daily?  Has your intuition been giving you “internal warnings” that it isn’t safe to consume?  If so, you are correct!!  As a chiropractor that is heavily involved in pediatric care, I am very concerned with the increasing consumption of artificial sweeteners such as aspartame that is marketed as NutraSweet and Equal.  It has been proven that aspartame has been linked to a multitude of diseases and health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Systemic Lupus, and even cancer.  From a chemistry standpoint, when the temperature of aspartame exceeds 30C, the methanol contained in this artificial sweetener is converted into formaldehyde.  It has been long known that formaldehyde is a deadly poison that is organized into the same drug class as cyanide and arsenic.  It is often used to embalm corpses and is also used as a preservative in adolescent vaccinations but has no business being your child. A common question we hear is.. are we poisoning our kids?

Aspartame has been shown to change brain chemistry and has been responsible for neurological problems such as seizures, manic depression, rage, and violence.  If your child has been suffering from fibromyalgia-like symptoms, spasms, shooting pains, numbness in the legs, cramping, dizziness, headaches, joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, or memory loss, they may be suffering from aspartame toxicity.  Aspartame has been widely marketed to the masses and promoted to children as a “healthy” weight-loss sweetener but in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.  Research has recently shown that consumption of diet soda and other artificially sweetened beverages actually leads to weight gain because it makes the body crave carbohydrates.

Once you look at the research and see the damaging effects of aspartame, it’s fairly easy to see why we believe it has no business being consumed by any living creature.  We suggest that you search out and consume natural sweeteners (in moderation).  When in doubt, go to the source of the product but remember that our number one source of hydration and liquid consumption should come from clean water.  Thank you for your time in reading this blog and please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns related to this or any other health care need.  Our kids are our highest priority and since health is our greatest asset, let’s do all we can to take care of our kids!!  Remember that we are just a phone call away at 918-940-4630.

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