Chiropractic brings a proven BALANCE to the body during times of STRESS

Chiropractic brings a proven BALANCE to the body during times of STRESS

Chiropractic brings a proven BALANCE to the body during times of STRESS

Stress presents a consistent adversary throughout every season and some seasons prove to be more stressful than others.

Parents become riddled with stress when children endure transition periods that come with growth and maturity. Some individuals experience it during holiday seasons or times of financial hardship. Families in general experience it during times of adversity. Weddings, babies, promotions and home repairs all make the long list of potential triggers. Interestingly enough, even positive events present equal and opposite concerns of worry and stress. Many people associate Chiropractic care with back and pain relief, however, stress reduction actually occurs as a welcome side effect of every nervous system adjustment.

Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress by increasing a calming chemical in the brain and decreasing stress hormones in the blood.

The body naturally improves resilience to stressful events through better harmony in the body’s alignment and ability to respond to stress.  A need for natural stress reduction becomes more evident with each new year of evidence detailing how badly today’s population suffers from symptoms and effects of stress.

  • 49% of the general population experiences anxiety, depression, substance abuse or a combination of all three.
  • Today’s average high school student measures the same level of anxiety as an institutionalized psychiatric patient in the early 1950
  • Prolonged sitting draws comparisons to the physical damage of smoking due to the harm posed to overall health and well-begin.
  • Text neck and tech back increased in diagnosis due to the harm of the overuse of technology in adults and children.

The brain and central nervous system processes all stressors both internally and externally.

Chiropractic adjustments help hit the reset button on the central nervous system, reduce negative hormones, and assist in alleviating the burden of mental and physical stress on the entire body. Research published in 2014 showed that Chiropractic adjustments reduce specific hormones in the body which carry stress and allow subjects who receive adjustments to circulate more calming chemistry throughout the blood stream. Researchers compare a spinal adjustment to the “control-alt-delete” mechanism on a computer. The intimate connection between the spine and the central nervous system allows every adjustment to help reset the autonomic nervous system. As a result, we find a calming effect subsequently occurs throughout the body.

Five additional tips MAXIMIZE Chiropractic adjustments and REDUCE STRESS in the body:

1) Eat avocados and foods containing good fats

2) Engage in grounding – walking outside on grass, dirt, or sand with bare feet

3) Move the body – any form of exercise registers as good movement

4) Deep breathing – practice deep breathing 2-3x/day for 10 breaths at a time

5) Increase healthy exposure to sunlight

Years of stress accumulate and take a toll on the health, appearance, and aging of an individual. Chiropractic spinal adjustments provide critical assistance in improving longevity while reducing the acceleration of bad hormones. A Chiropractic based plan for long term health combats the consequences of trials and anxiety throughout any season.

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