Research Reveals Shocking Findings of the Spine by Medical Doctor : Why Chiropractic Matters…

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Research Reveals Shocking Findings of the Spine by Medical Doctor : Why Chiropractic Matters…

The impact of spinal function on total body health becomes more and more understood across laboratories, research centers, doctor’s offices, and hospitals across the globe. Yet, many medical doctors remain unaware of the significant contribution the spine plays on overall health and well-being for all ages and genders.

Many unwanted symptoms people experience exhibit a direct and indirect connection to the spine. Current medical research provides a thorough explanation for how a Chiropractic adjustment influences many aspects of human health and performance. The process begins with the brain. An intimate connection exists between the health of the spine and the function of the brain. Spinal mobility and alignment contribute to the function of nerve signals into and out of the brain. The brain directs all function of the body and altered spinal health leads to a change in brain function. The overall impact radiates throughout the body.

Doctors debated the connection between the spine, nervous system, and body function back in the early stages of Chiropractic care in the 1920s. A medical doctor named Henry Winsor heard that Chiropractic patients were experiencing significant health benefits with problems seemingly unrelated to the spine. Dr. Winsor investigated and found that many Chiropractic patients experienced benefits beyond improved treatment for back or neck pain. Concerned and skeptical with what he was hearing, Dr. Winsor set out to disprove the theory in which a Chiropractic adjustment could affect any area of the body outside of the spine. He conducted his own research.

Dr. Winsor dissected the spines of cadavers with the intent to prove no correlation between the health of the spine and organ disease. He received permission and access to dissect and analyze the spines of 50 human cadavers. Not only did Dr. Winsor find a link between the health of the spine and the function of organs, he noted a direct correlation between diseased organs and the alignment of their spine in specific areas.  He found links between a curvature of the spine in the area of the nervous system which controlled that specifically diseased organ. Diseased organs drew conclusive connection to misalignments in the spine which would have altered function in the nervous system supplying communication to that organ. These findings were revolutionary in understanding why so many patients experienced health benefits and improved health in specific organs after beginning Chiropractic care. A 100% correlation occurred between the abnormal alignment and condition of a specific area of the spine and the nervous system which supplied the corresponding organ.

The same doctor which set out to debunk the truth about Chiropractic and its influence on organ function proved the opposite conclusion. Chiropractic helps family members of all ages experience greater function and a higher quality of life without the use of drugs or surgery. This study continues to play an important role in helping explain the necessity of Chiropractic care for all family members. Better health involves Chiropractic care.

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