Research Determines Chiropractic Care Provides Military Personnel Relief from Both Pain and Opioid Consumption

Military Personnel

Research Determines Chiropractic Care Provides Military Personnel Relief from Both Pain and Opioid Consumption

The pain and suffering experienced by military personnel all over the world escalated to epidemic proportions long ago. The challenges of training, physical demands of duty, and the unique levels of stress experienced by most military men and women increase the likelihood of pain and other health challenges. No other profession deserves adequate attention and care for their health and bodies like the men and women of the military. Unfortunately, care for veterans ranks average at best.  This leaves most members of the armed forces under-served or dependent on opioid medication which are manufactured to mask pain and the underlying sources of pain.

New research on opioid medication shows revolutionary evidence which supports the need for veterans to have greater access to Chiropractic.

Veterans make up one of the largest populations of people who seek relief from physical and emotional pain. The current care model prescribes powerful medications to the majority of veterans who seek care for their pain. When non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) fail to resolve the pain, doctors prescribe more addictive and potent drugs like opioids. A vast number of these veterans do not find relief from NSAIDs and begin consuming opioid medication. As a result, veterans exist as one of the most prevalent populations to be prescribed opioid medication at unprecedented levels.

Research published this year in the Journal of Pain Medicine provides promising evidence for veterans and their families.

The study showed that veterans who received Chiropractic care consumed less opioid medication than those who were not receiving chiropractic adjustments. Nearly one-third of veterans in the study who received Chiropractic services from the Veteran Affairs also received an opioid prescription. Yet the study revealed the frequency of opioid prescriptions became lower after the veterans began utilizing Chiropractic. Also, they are being prescribed opioids began to reduce their consumption after they began receiving Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic does not seek to treat ailments, pain, or conditions.

Chiropractors focus on restoring the relationship between the spine and the central nervous system. This is achieved by specifically assessing and gently adjusting areas of stress and dysfunction in the spine. Because of the intimate connection between the spine and the nervous system, pain and other conditions improve through better nervous system balance. Chiropractic care provides a unique advantage for veterans seeking help with pain, stress, and dysfunction. This study provides further evidence that veterans represent another group that deserves the benefits of Chiropractic. Long term health and healing do not involve a relationship with opioid medication and other pain relievers. Military personnel deserve the freedom to live an active life that is full of potential. That journey begins with Chiropractic.

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