Avoiding Back Pain Makes it Worse… Chiropractic Provides a More Effective Solution than NSAID Medications

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Avoiding Back Pain Makes it Worse… Chiropractic Provides a More Effective Solution than NSAID Medications

Low back pain continues to also represent the most frequently given reason for disability, missed workdays, and unnecessary use of dangerous, pain-relieving medication. Statistics also determine that low back pain represents the third most common reason for individuals entering early retirement. The majority of low back pain receives a nonspecific diagnosis. A definitive determination for the cause of the pain cannot be made. A troubling connection exists between a condition which receives a nonspecific medical diagnosis and a dramatic deterioration of a person’s quality of life.

Hard-working people deserve the opportunity to retire on their own terms. Health and productivity enter into a downward spiral with the onset of chronic low back pain. Millions of working-class people receive a figurative death sentence for their careers and hobbies when the unfair reality of low back pain becomes a daily presence in their lives. Too many people believe the only options available come in the form of physical deterioration or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. People deserve an expanded understanding of non-medical and non-pharmacological options. Research proves that spinal adjustments change lives for many who suffer from chronic low back pain.

Back pain arrives in two forms discerned by a factor of time. Acute pain indicates a new episode of pain. Chronic pain describes pain existing longer than three months. The majority of acute pain eventually develops into chronic pain when the cause of the new injury remains untreated People tend to address acute pain with pharmaceutical drugs which can sometimes reduce the pain but always leaves the problem unaddressed, accumulating more damage, and becoming more permanent. Research determines that more than 60% of untreated acute pain develops into more severe chronic pain. The simple solution begins with understanding the body. Optimal long-term healing from injury begins when the body is properly aligned and functioning at peak performance. Ignoring acute pain or masking the pain with drugs permits the body to deteriorate into stages which make recovery incredibly difficult.

Noteworthy facts about back pain include:

• Back pain represents the single leading cause of worldwide disability

• Back pain represents one of the most common reasons for missed work

• Back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost workdays annually

• Experts estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point

• Most cases of back pain originate from unserious conditions

• Low-back pain costs Americans at least $50 billion in health care annually

• Lost wages and productivity account for another $50 billion in loss

Research shows that spinal adjustments provide faster and more effective relief from back pain than popularly prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. A clinically tested group that received spinal adjustments also required less time off work and used less medication. The key to maintaining a high level of function begins with committing to appropriate treatment when experiencing acute back pain. Chiropractic care provides restoration and healing which prevents acute pain from turning into long term chronic pain. Chiropractic plays a lead role in helping back pain sufferers avoid both long term pain and an unhealthy reliance upon dangerous drugs. Freedom from back pain begins with understanding that the road to a pain-free life is better ensured through Chiropractic care.

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