C-Sections lead to chronic disease… Chiropractic has the only Answer!

seams after the operation of C-section

C-Sections lead to chronic disease… Chiropractic has the only Answer!

A recent study published in the Journal of Pediatrics shows clear correlation between babies born via C-section and an increased risk of chronic disease. This is CRAZY!! But nothing we didn’t already know. The study showed that children born by C-section have been more frequently hospitalized than those born vaginally; due to asthma, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disorder, immune system defects, leukemia, and other tissue disorders during their lives.

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New born infant from cesarean section in operating theater.

“The study shows that babies born by C-section developed one of the above-mentioned disorders more often than those born vaginally, but it does not show a direct causal relationship. There are various reasons why children born by C-section more often become ill,” said the author.

They concluded that more research is needed to make the claim that c-section surgeries themselves damage the immune system.


First of all, this study was well done and the group size and time span were tremendous! The leaders of the study examined the correlation between C-sections and immunological disorders in two million Danish children born over a period of 35 years between 1973 and 2012.

2 MILLION CHILDREN…over a period of 35 YEARS!!

3 things happen in a c-section:

1) The infant’s head and neck are immediately targeted and dug out through the incision  in order to pull the largest part of the baby out first. This puts extreme pressure on the delicate upper neck and skull of the newborn. (1992 Manual Medicine Journal study proved what little force it required to irritate the nervous system of a baby at birth) Science shows that vertebral subluxation, caused by this trauma, deteriorates the immune system! 

2) The infant never swallows what is considered to be the most important meal of his/her life…a bolus(mouth full) of bacteria as baby comes through the birth canal. The lack of good bacteria leads to altered gut flora, a major player in immune system health.

3) Pressure on the developing plates of the skull and squeezing of the lungs are important benefits of a vaginal delivery not experienced with a c-section.

Combine these 3 things and it becomes clear how babies born through c-section have a significantly greater risk of chronic disorders. If you look at the report titled “The Top 5 Studies all Chiropractors Should Know”, you can find the Johns Hopkins article describing almost the exact same list of symptoms children and adults will get when they have an increase in stress hormones. Vertebral subluxation causes a significant increase in stress hormones! (refer to my Free Report at chiropracticadvocate.com)

Chiropractic adjustments correct subluxation and reduce stress hormones…ALWAYS!!

The time has come….the time is NOW!!

All parents must know they have choices when it comes to designing and executing a birth plan. There are doctors, midwives, and other personnel that dedicate their lives to help expecting mothers have natural births.

And whether it was a c-section birth or not, one of the first doctors every parent should bring their infant to is to the Chiropractor! The study done in 1992 showed that most babies are subluxated at birth and the majority of them have no signs or symptoms a Medical Doctor would ever be able to catch. Are you comfortable sharing this with the parents in your practice and community? If not….why? You have all the literature to back you up. The kids need to be checked…they need YOU!! (please download “The 5 Studies Report” on this website to know the truth and then share it!)

Chiropractors have answers. Imagine if you could catch the cause of a child’s asthma, allergies, IBS, or leukemia years before it occurred? Imagine if that child was yours?

This is ASTOUNDING…. It is needless suffering bankrupting our culture and burdening parents. It DOES NOT have to be this way! The research is out….Chiropractors have answers!

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