Chiropractic Proves More Effective than Medical Care for Spinal, Hip and Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic care for spinal, hip and shoulder pain

Chiropractic Proves More Effective than Medical Care for Spinal, Hip and Shoulder Pain

So many benefits…

The benefits of Chiropractic spinal adjustments extend far beyond the relief of pain. Evidence exists for over 100 years that shows infants, children, and adults of all ages experience life-changing benefits from Chiropractic care. Improvements in sleep, digestion, fertility, breathing, immunity, and heart health represent just a few of the many benefits achieved through the achievement of proper spinal alignment and function.

Doctors and scientists provide extension research and explanation for why many Chiropractic patients experience health benefits that people do not normally attribute to the spine. Every organ in the body operates under the control of the central nervous system. Spinal alignment directly influences the health of the autonomic nervous system because of the spine’s intimate relationship with the brain. The far-ranging benefits of Chiropractic care provide a health care option that continues to rise in numbers as people seek an alternative to medical treatments involving drugs and surgery.

More than just spinal treatment.

Most initial visits to a Chiropractor relate to a musculoskeletal complaint. Spinal pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and hip pain tend to be the reason for a first visit. A study published in 2015 followed 403 patients with spinal pain, hip pain, or shoulder pain. These patients visited a medical doctor while a separate group of 316 people suffering similar ailments chose a Chiropractor as an initial health care provider.

The outcomes proved compelling from both a remedy and cost efficiency perspective. The patients who initially consulted a medical doctor experienced less reduction in their pain and reported less satisfied with the care received compared to those who saw Chiropractors. The average cost per patient over four months of care also ended up being $368 less for patients consulting Chiropractors.

Growing in knowledge and popularity.

Education and understanding continue to grow amongst a growing population of people who become exposed to the life-changing benefits of chiropractic care. Many people still remain unaware that nervous system care provides a healthy and safe alternative to surgeries and dangerous drugs. Chiropractors take pride in providing care that improves patient outcomes by honoring the internal wisdom of the body. Millions of satisfied patients trust their health to one of the top health strategies available in almost every community.

Seeking Chiropractic care for spinal, hip, or shoulder pain achieves better results for less cost than trips to a medical doctor. Chiropractic care also offers a safer pathway to health with fewer risks of side effects.

The health benefits of nervous system care combine with a cost-effective approach that benefits entire families. Chiropractors certainly come to the aid of those suffering from pain, but the Chiropractic profession will always remain focused on unlocking optimal long-term health and performance.

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