Chiropractic Provides Benefits to Pregnant and Conceiving Mothers

Chiropractic Provides Benefits to Pregnant and Conceiving Mothers

Chiropractic Provides Benefits to Pregnant and Conceiving Mothers

Chiropractic provide benefits to pregnant and conceiving mothers. Most people understand and recognize the pain-relieving benefits delivered by Chiropractic care. However,  pain relief, increased range of motion, and posture improvements represent just a handful the benefits experienced through regular and consistent Chiropractic care.  Many also utilize chiropractic during pregnancy to help a myriad of concerns.

What are the benefits beyond pain relief?

Spinal adjustments produce numerous additional benefits beyond the scope of basic back and neck pain relief. In fact, new discoveries afford the ability to better understand exactly why these changes can and do occur. Chiropractic offers a unique value which benefits virtually every person.  Whether young or old regular chiropractic provides vital care to the nervous system. Better spinal and nervous system care mirrors the benefits of regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and daily dental brushing and flossing. Preventative care provides a model of health care that produces long term results. As a result, we recognize a reduction in the need for painful and expensive medical interventions.

What can chiropractic do to help expectant mothers?

No group of people focus extensively on long term, proactive care as much as pregnant or conceiving women. These amazing mothers undergo dramatic and remarkable changes to their bodies.  They lovingly invite a human being into the world at the expense of the comfort and physical hardship of the child’s mother. Human beings would not exist if not for the immeasurable strength and determination of women. Pregnant mothers and women planning to conceive benefit extensively from Chiropractic care before, during, and after pregnancy and birth. Recently published research determined that spinal care provided a long list of positive physical responses to Chiropractic care for pregnant women.

The list included:

• Faster delivery

• Decreased use of forceps

• Decreased likelihood of having a pre-term delivery

• Reduced fluid overload

• Decreased blood pressure

• Reduced prevalence of low back pain

• Decreased carpal tunnel

• Decreased sacroiliac joint dysfunction

• Reduced risk of having meconium-stained amniotic fluid

These amazing results do not manifest simply because of an adjustment to the spine.  During pregnancy, mother’s body function intimately connects to the spine through the brain and central nervous system. As the spine becomes more aligned, mobile, and healthy, better nervous system function eases tension, increases mobility, and improves whole body health. Spinal adjustments simply allow for better function in the healthiest, most efficient way possible during pregnancy.

Do medical advancements always yield better outcomes?

People tend to believe that advances in medical care and treatments produce healthier babies and deliveries than ever before. Unfortunately, the most industrialized countries in the world currently experience some of the worst pregnancy, delivery, maternal, and infant health statistics on record. The United States produces some of the world’s lowest labor, delivery, maternal, and infant health rankings. Chiropractic interventions provide a safe, healthy, and effective need that mothers and infants both deserve.  In fact, chiropractic plays a significant role in providing natural solutions which lower the risk of intervention and improve a female’s quality of life during and after pregnancy.

Women all over the world demonstrate incredible resolve that ensures life will continue to pass from this generation to the next. Chiropractic positively influences the health of mothers, babies, and children throughout that beautiful life-giving journey.

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