New Research on Headaches, Depression and Chiropractic


New Research on Headaches, Depression and Chiropractic

The most important improvements from a Chiropractic adjustment occur in the brain and nervous system.

The latest research on headaches and depression reports that, “autonomic dysfunction plays a role in the pathogenesis of tension-type headaches and depressive disorders.” The research indicates why so many people suffering from headaches find relief through Chiropractic adjustments.  Also, it indicates that people coping with depression often turn to Chiropractic for long term relief and resolve which cannot be provided by drugs and prescriptions.

Chiropractic care focuses on the spine and nervous system.

Scientific evidence proves that small misalignments of spinal vertebrae coupled with altered mobility create stress in the nervous system. The nervous system stress also referred to as autonomic dysfunction, increases stress hormones in the blood and body. A sustained increase in stress hormones creates an environment for symptoms such as headaches, pain, and even depression. The most powerful medications in the world do not relieve the nervous system stress. As a result, many of the unwanted symptoms associated with headaches and depressed mood disorders are still prevalent.

Chiropractors do not pursue the resolution of a specific disorder through an adjustment.

Chiropractors assess, locate, and adjust areas of nervous system stress and misalignment. The outcome focuses on restoring normal function and tone in the brain and nervous system. This results in a powerful environment of healing and wellness. Allowing the body to function and heal at optimal levels often leads to the resolution of symptoms, ranging from headaches and pain to organ function and even depressive-type conditions.

An estimated 80%-90% percent of the population will suffer from headaches at some point.

Approximately 15% of people experience a headache at any given time. Headaches, mental health, and many other conditions benefit from spinal adjustments all over the world. Drug therapy serves as the most prescribed form of relief from headaches, but people deserve to know, understand, and experience the benefits of chiropractic care. The medical community often prescribes powerful drugs with dangerous side effects which offer no permanent solution to these conditions. Chiropractic care focuses on long-term and permanent healing.

Research from June of 2018 showed Chiropractic adjustments helped with chronic headaches of more than two years in duration.

The improvement of headaches was achieved by reducing stress in the autonomic nervous system. Headache relief also accompanied reduced feelings of sadness and decreased bouts of extremely low moods. Participants also reported a decrease in thoughts of death and suicide. Many study participants previously sought relief through physical therapy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese therapy, and even six-month regimens of various drug treatments. Results of previous interventions yielded little to no benefits. The study concluded after six months of Chiropractic care which focused on restoring function and healing. All participants reported a decreased or absent presence of headache pain and depressive-type symptoms as well as the reduction or elimination of medication use.

The benefits of removing interference from the nervous system through gentle and precise adjustments to the spine often result in a reduction or elimination of symptoms.

The body possesses powerful innate intelligence that always strives for adaptation and balance. The majority of unwelcome symptoms occur due to interference in the body. A significant form of interference in the nervous system comes from spinal bones being misaligned or not moving appropriately. This interference (called subluxation) occurs in much of the population due to stress. People routinely care for their cardiovascular system, digestive system, and immune system but overlook the need for routine nervous system care and maintenance. The irony being that the nervous system regulates the health of all other systems. Every adult and child deserve a health care plan involving nervous system care.

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