How can I stay active at work?

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How can I stay active at work?

Our bodies were made for an environment where calories are scarce and exercise is unavoidable. However, we live in an environment where exercise is scarce and calories are unavoidable. Our bodies were meant to move for the majority of the day: gathering food, hunting for food, out-running predators, traveling from one place to another… This is a drastic change from the life we lead today. Most of us are almost completely sedentary compliments of computers, cars, phones, etc. All the technology around us is great and makes life easier for the most part, but because of this, we just have work harder at getting physical activity. We need to learn ways to stay active at work.

Ideally we’d be active throughout the day, but If your job does not allow that then setting aside time before throughout the day to be active is needed. Below are some ideas for getting more activity throughout the day and answering the question of “how can I stay active at work?”

Your commute to work:
Ride the bus? Get off a stop or two before yours and walk the rest of the way.
Live close to work? Biking or walking to work might be an option.
Driving to work? Park your car in one of the spaces farthest from the door to get in a few more steps.

At your desk:
Look for opportunities to stand. Some employers are starting to install desks that can be adjusted to a standing position. If this is not the case, try standing on your next conference call.
Go to the bathroom on another floor or at the other end of the building.
Walk over to a co-workers desk to chat instead of using the phone or email.
Coffee break? Use this time to do some stretches or to go for a brisk walk. Organizing a lunch walking group will help keep you and other motivated.

Travelling for work:
Before booking your hotel go online or call to see what kind of exercise facility they have. Walking paths in the area might also be an option.
Carry a resistance band in your suitcase. Wake up and do some toning exercises to wake up your mind and muscles.
While walking through the airport walk briskly. Remember to stand tall, and keep your shoulders relaxed.

Whether you use the tips above to get started being more active or to supplement your exercise routine, remember every little bit helps.  And for a little more light reading, Google the term “sitting is the new smoking”.  That will open your eyes to the dangers associated with chronic and prolonged sitting at your desk.  If you are experiencing pain or stiffness while sitting at your computer for work, give us a call at 918-940-4630 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Ring.  Chiropractic care may be the treatment that will get you back on your feet.

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