Is Working at a Computer Bad For Your Spine?

Woman working in front at the computer

Is Working at a Computer Bad For Your Spine?

It doesn’t take a giant leap of faith to connect computer screens and back pain. When you spend endless hours sitting and looking at a screen with small print it is no wonder that you start to develop poor posture and back pain over time. Here are some simple strategies to make yourself feel better.

First, make sure your ergonomics are correct at work and at home. Two of the biggest mistakes I have seen are screen height and proximity of your mouse to your body. There are many websites dedicated to teaching you proper ergonomics. Also, many companies also have an employee onsite who is trained to evaluate workstations.  Oftentimes, we find that employees are even working at stations with a computer screen off to the left or the right.  It is imperative that you position your screen directly in front of your body to avoid prolonged rotation of your neck in order to look at a screen to the side.  Failing to use a docking station with your laptop at home is also tough on your spine.

Secondly, give a check to your posture and see what can be done to improve. Many times people have poor posture not because they are unwilling to sit up straight but because it becomes uncomfortable after a short time. If this describes you, it is important to deal with the cause. When your spine does not move properly on a segmental level it does not allow you to maintain good posture for an extended period of time. This can result in pain between the shoulder blades, headaches, and general fatigue while trying to sit up straight.  It is often necessary to take frequent breaks while working on the computer which allows you to get up and walk around.  Take time to stretch your back and neck which will keep it from becoming stiff from the constant stress of desk work.

Finding a chiropractor who can help you will make a big difference over the long term and will cause you to feel better quickly. When your spine is trapped in an endless cycle of poor posture, it tends to mold that way and the poor posture becomes even more “set in”. The sooner you can reverse this trend the better.  Chiropractic will help you to feel better while correcting the bad habits you have fallen into.  At Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic, we are always happy to help.  Simply give us a call at 918-940-4630 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Ring.  We can evaluate your current situation and map out a plan for the future.  Thank you for allowing us to be your chiropractor.

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