Walking Your Way to a Healthier Back

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Walking Your Way to a Healthier Back

Most of us are aware that our spines weren’t designed to do all the sitting we do in modern life. For good health, our bodies need to move.

One of the simplest and most effective types of exercise we at Eastern Oklahoma Chiropractic recommend is walking. Walking fits ideally into the chiropractic philosophy of holistic, natural remedies for pain.

How Lack of Exercise Hurts Your Spine

When you don’t get regular exercise, your spine suffers.  Back pain is often caused and aggravated by spinal misalignments and weak muscles in your core.

Lack of exercise also causes spinal discs to degenerate. Normal healthy discs hold fluids and act as cushions between your vertebrae. Walking promotes the good circulation and healing you need for a healthy spine.

Anxiety about pain can also inhibit you from exercising, making you even more prone to injury.

The Many Benefits of Taking a Walk

Regular walks improve your health in multiple ways, such as:

  • Improved circulation throughout your body. This helps to rehydrate the discs of your spine to prevent mobility problems and pain.
  • Increased immunity that lowers your risk of illnesses such as heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • More strength in your core, hips, legs, and feet. Walking strengthens back and abdominal muscles, allowing them to support joints, ligaments, and spinal discs properly.
  • Improved mobility, flexibility, and balance. A stiff back is more prone to pain and injury. Exercise helps to prevent pain and injury by maintaining flexibility in the connective fibers that help to support the spine.
  • Better sleep and weight control.
  • Psychological benefits.  Walking and other types of exercise naturally cause your body to release endorphins. These chemicals affect receptors in your brain that reduce pain and give you a feeling of well-being.


Tips for a Productive Walking Program

Regular walking can help heal many back problems, minimizing pain or preventing it from returning. It’s a great therapy that you can begin doing immediately and with minimal equipment.

If you’re out of practice, start gradually. Walk around the block to start. Add one minute to your time each day.

Walk fast enough that you raise your heart rate but can still talk.

Commit to exercise daily regardless of bad weather. Even marching in place in front of the TV gets you moving.

Listen to your body—if the pain is severe or increases during or after the walk, see your healthcare provider for an exam to determine the cause before resuming your walking program.

Exercise as Part of Your Chiropractic Care 

Your chiropractor diagnoses joint and spinal issues that cause pain and serves as a great source of information about increasing your mobility and strength.

Walking complements your chiropractic treatments. Both make your spine stronger and healthier, using natural, safe, non-drug methods.

Regular chiropractic adjustments align your spine and strengthen back muscles. Your chiropractic treatments and daily walks help to retain that alignment. Then you can walk for longer periods of time, build up your strength and reap all the benefits of a healthy spine!

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